Permanent Hair Reduction Permanent Hair ReductionA scientific solution to unwanted hair. Excess and unwanted hair can be an irritating problem for both men and women. Yet shaving, plucking, waxing or depilatory creams only give a short term solution, and even then they can be inconvenient, messy and bad for the skin. (IPL) is a scientific solution that provides safe, painless and effective permanent hair reduction with none of this fuss or mess. Whatever your skin colour or hair type, our computer-controlled system will calculate the precise treatment for maximum results. A handset is then placed onto the area to be treated and a light based energy pulsates a quick flash of light. This leaves the skin unharmed but destroys the hair follicle. The number of treatments required depends on your specific skin type and colour, thickness and density of the unwanted hair. Please book an appointment with a member of staff for a skin patch test to find if you can get this treatment.
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